Thursday, October 07, 2004

anyone but Kerry

You Might ask why a person from Massachusetts would say please don’t vote for John Kerry.Its just this simple in 23 years of service he has done absolutely nothing for the state he claims to represents. If anyone can tell me what he’s done in the senate I’m all ears. He has hasn’t brought any Jobs to the state, he hasn’t brought or helped to make any changes to the state. I Live in a part of Massachusetts that is referred to as western mass. where John Kerry lost to Bill Weld 3-1. We never see him in this part of the state, it’s probably because he would have to do some tough explaining to us why he cant seem to bring home the jobs, he likes to say he going to create. or the money from Washington, to retrain the people for those jobs, or tax breaks to the companies that will create those famous jobs, he likes to keep talking about. If he cant do it here how in the world can he possibly going do it for the country. I would love to see someone defend his 23 years of ineptness to me.At least Teddy Kennedy’s can say” Hey I brought home the bacon.“ Then you can take a good long look at Kerry’s history in the senate. Not every distinguished at all. If it were you or I ,with this record in the real working world we would be out on our butts. His running mate resigned from the senate to make this run, and I commend him on that, or anyone else who does this. It should be mandatory in my opinion, it raises the stakes and makes it even. He also resigned because he wasn’t going to be re-elected. And was for that very same reason. He was a do nothing senator and the people of North Carolina knew this. Their records speak for themselves.So lets bring up Vietnam. It seems to be off limits to anyone but John Kerry. Just what did he do. Besides make the hall of fame of the North. Gee wasn’t that was the enemy. He came home and stuck it to every veteran that ever served in the back with the testimony he gave before the senate. And has continued to do so via the bills he’s either voted for or against. You know its been my experience that most of vets who served with honor and valor don’t tout themselves as hero’s unlike Kerry.If you want see real hero’s visit a veterans hospital of go to a veterans grave yard there you will see who the real hero’s are. Its because of them we live in the greatest nation in the world.So lets talk about taxes, you know the dreaded T word. Kerry has been saying all along that the rich haven’t been paying their fair share. I would love to hear the bedroom talk with him and his wife. “oh lovey you only get taxed 15% on your taxable income” I wonder if he had his wife in mind when he said that. I’m a working class slob but since the bush tax cuts my wife and I have been able to things that actually have helped our economy, like buying a new American car and new furniture that was made in America. And also made it possible to be buying our first home Thanks W



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